Our Clients


We think of our clients as both our partners and our employers. We also consider them our friends, and are grateful they have chosen us to take part in their journey.


Our typical client is an individual or family wishing to partner with a compassionate professional who will provide specific and personalized investment management and financial planning. They have found financial success in their lives and desire to consolidate and simplify their accounts and assets under the care of someone who understands the complexities of working with financial resources.

Many of our clients are perfectly capable of managing their own financial affairs, but have chosen to delegate this task to someone else so they can focus on other areas of life that provide greater satisfaction.

Clients tend to engage us for:

  • Investment account consolidation
  • Retirement projections and planning
  • Sudden wealth issues, “liquidity events” such as an inheritance, insurance settlement, change in marital status, or the sale of a business
  • Advisory services for non-professional fiduciaries of Wills, Trusts, and Conservatorships

Our approach is to help people understand, structure, and control their financial resources. We specialize in retirement planning and implementation, and working with non-professional trustees.