Holiday… Cheer?

by Barry Nelson (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

Twas the night before Christmas, when all throughout stocks
There was stirring aplenty, with uncomfortable drops.
The statements were flung to recycling sans care,
In hopes that not looking might lighten the fare.

Some found discomfort, couldn’t sleep when in beds,
While visions of crises danced in their heads.
With our working diligent, allocating among caps,
Our brains working overtime, there’s no time for naps!

There on the Street there remains such a clatter,
Fundamentals ok, some wonder “What’s the matter?”
With Brexit in question, the Fed raising rates,
The government shut down, and tariffs in straights. 

Has the bull run its course,
finally caught by the bear?
It seems that this time,
The bear may be there.

Down large caps, down small caps, down stocks overseas,
Down growth and down value, even bonds on their knees.
With stocks coming down with great condemnation,
What’s an investor to do with asset allocation?

Take a breath and see this has happened before
With results more positive once things hit a floor.
It’s uncomfortable, unnerving, and scary at times,
But we’ve always recovered, stock markets do climb.

We hope you have reason
To be thankful this season.
For family and loved ones;
Perhaps even grandsons.

After darkness comes dawn,
So once holidays are gone
Seek peace and be grateful
As we await the next bull.

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