New Look – Same Feel

New Look – Same Feel

If you’re familiar with our firm, you may notice a fresh logo and new website. While we may have an updated look, the feel remains the same. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest level of personalized wealth management and financial planning services with competence, integrity, and compassion.

We chose the three petal flower design for our updated logo not only because of its simplicity and we like the way it looks, but also because of its symbolism for the financial planning and investment management process. This process must look to the past, present, and future in order to be effective.

In our view, proper stewardship of resources requires three fundamental characteristics, as represented by the petals:

1. An appreciation of and respect for the history and potential inherent in one’s financial resources.
2. A thoughtful, informed, and honest understanding of the current nature of the resource and consideration for the various ways it could be managed and utilized.
3. Prudent and disciplined execution of a plan, both now and in the future.

The colors of the petal illustrate this theme.

The green petal represents the natural potential of a resource. This petal looks in the direction of the past and reflects on the hard work, sacrifice, and discipline it took to make the resource what it is now.

The blue petal represents the analysis and planning process concerning how to best realize the potential of the resource. This petal faces neither the future nor the past, but upward and is unbiased.

The gold petal leans to the future, poised to move; its color representing a bright tomorrow, or one’s golden years.

Lastly, the flower symbolizes the essence of our relationship to our clients. We tend to assets and strategies under our care with much the same attitude a farmer tends to his crops, or a gardener cares for her garden, and we consider it a privilege to do so.

Barry Nelson

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