Parsing that Super Bowl Indicator

As you may know, some people look to this Sunday’s Super Bowl as an indicator of how stocks will fare in 2015. The “Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator” holds that when a team from the old National Football League wins the big game, it bodes well for that year’s market prospects, while a win for an old American Football League team presages lower stock prices. The Indicator has held true for 38 of the past 48 Super Bowls.

Of course, the Seahawks are not an “old NFL” team. They came into being post NFL-AFL merger and spent their first 26 years as an AFC team. But the New England Patriots are unambiguously old AFL, as are the Denver Broncos, victims of last year’s Seattle smack-down. Given the S&P 500’s solid confirmation of the Super Bowl Indicator in 2014, another Seahawk victory would appear to be the favored result for stock investors. A win by the Patriots, on the other hand, could prove to be… deflating.

Barry Nelson

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