Investment Management




The vast majority of our business is fee based investment management with a financial planning approach. Our goal is to manage assets and wealth holistically to meet the objectives of the client, and to do so in a manner which provides confidence and peace of mind. Our investment process is collaborative, disciplined, effective and explainable.

We believe in investing with purpose. We construct portfolios for each of our clients based on their specific goals and circumstances. We encourage broad diversification as a hedge against an uncertain future and adequate liquidity to deal with the unexpected. The investments selected for inclusion in a portfolio are identified and managed by us – not by a third party. We monitor the investments for performance and continued appropriateness, and contact our clients if we see a need for change.

While a client may not request that we focus on every aspect of financial planning, we make an effort to approach each client situation keeping in mind the investment, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and other broad financial aspects that may be related to their situation while focusing on the specific issues raised by the client. Because we believe financial planning leads to prudent investment management, financial planning is generally included with our investment management services at no additional charge.

We encourage a complimentary visit to determine whether we are the right fit for your needs.